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AAD for parachute

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Like any other AAD on the market, the purpose of the Vigil® is to save lifes.

New version VIGIL2+ :

  • Cutter and controller with new screw connectors to allow replacement without opening main box.
  • Plastic molded clip prevent the cutter or LCD connector from disconnecting from the main box.
  • Improved waterproof from IP67 to IP68  (max 24 hours for 1.8 meters)
  • Shorter control unit for more easier packing.
  • Changing of active altitude from mini 150 ft to a fix 1000 ft

Multimode : 3 Modes in 1: PRO – STUDENT – TANDEM
                    X-TREM mode also available !

  • Experienced skydivers: PRO or TANDEM, the Vigil® will follow.
  • Students: once out of student status, switch your Vigil® to PRO.
  • Schools and centers: the versatility of the 3 modes = cost effective.

Life Expectancy: Vigil is designed for 20 years life expectancy.

When switched on, the Vigil® performs a complete self test to check all internal parameters and calibrates itself at the atmospheric pressure of the DZ altitude.

When the “ENJOY” logo appears, the Vigil® is ready to go with you on the plane.
The Vigil® is now ready for use and is in a “stand-by” status (recalibrating itself every 32 secs).
During taking off the Vigil® will go to an “active” status from 150 ft / 46m in a time of max. 32sec.
From that moment on, your Guardian Angel is ready to help you in critical situations, by mesuring and calculating 8 times per sec its position.

Once the door opens and you leave the plane, the Vigil® will calculate the time left over before reaching the activation altitude (for example: 840 ft in PRO mode), by measuring continuously your falling speed and your altitude.
The Vigil® takes in consideration the speed variation during the free fall and recalculates every 1/8 of a second the time left to reach the activation altitude.
When you reach the activation altitude (time = 0) and if you still fall at a speed above 35m/sec, the Vigil® will activate instantaneously the cutter to allow your reserve parachute to deploy.
This patented method give a very accurate activation altitude (+/- 60 feet).

Vigil® works by permanent recalculation of the time left before activation (see patent).


The Vigil 2+ has been designed to resist to a water immersion of 1.8 meter for at least 24 hours.(IP68)

The Vigil® doesn't need any filter replacement, it has a built-in stainless steel air filter and after water contact no filter has to be changed.

Delivered in an aluminium box.

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AAD for parachute

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