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Individual Skydiving Sport Container

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Rig and canopies need a personal and technical quotation before each sale.

We deliver everywhere : France , Europe, USA

The JAVELIN ODYSSEY rig include following Standard Features:

    • Harness manufactured within your measurements
    • Stainless Steel Hardware
    • Available in Cordura 1000, Parapack or Diamond Back or Houndstooth fabrics
    • BOC Throw Out : Kill Line Pilot Chute with Hackey or Freefly handle
    • Cut-In Laterals
    • Javelin Odyssey Logos Embroideries on lateral and RRC
    • Cypres-2/Vigil ready
    • Skyhook Ready
    • RSL Equipped 
    • Internal Riser Covers
    • Seamless Reserve Tray
    • Easy Grip Toggles
    • Phat Daddy C Handle
    • Deep Reserve Handle Pocket
    • Hook Knife and pocket
    • TSO C23(d) & ETSO-C23d 


Options available with additional payment :

    • Back in Space foam 3D or new preformed foam for a maximum comfort(available only on ome sizes)
    • Legpads and laterals in Space Foam 3D
    • Stainless steel Articulations rings on hips and chest
    • Pinstripes on main and reserve flaps
    • A or V stripe on reserve flap
    • Skyhook
    • Tie Dye cordura 1000 fabric
    • Phat daddy reserve handle
    • Easy grip handle on risers
    • Custom embroiderie on RRC or handles
    • Matching mini-rig bag
    • Spare parts kit


The JAVELIN ODYSSEY takes comfort, strength, performance, and fashion, to new heights. It features secure riser covers, eliminating any exposure of the main or reserve risers, but not hindering the deployment of your canopy.

The JAVELIN ODYSSEY molds to your body like no other rig can with its state of the art harness construction incorporating 'cut-in laterals'. This feature of the Javelin Odyssey allows for the lateral strap to contour around the lower back, keeping the container snug against the jumper. You and your Javelin Odyssey move as one.

The JAVELIN ODYSSEY features a new quilted-backpad giving your unsurpassed comfort in the sky, waiting for your load or while sitting in the plane.

The JAVELIN ODYSSEY also features split leg straps as standard. By splitting the webbing, and making the leg strap wider, the weight of the suspended jumper is dispersed through a larger area, providing exceptional comfort under canopy.
The JAVELIN ODYSSEY is available in new space-age durable fashion fabrics.


Actual delivery time is 16 weeks for customized versions and 3 - 4 weeks for stock versions. 

Contact-us by email at or at (+262) 06 92 84 34 02 for a personal quotation.

We deliver everywhere in France, USA, Europe !

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Individual Skydiving Sport Container

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