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VECTOR 3 M-Series View full size

VECTOR 3 M-Series

Individual Skydiving Sport Container

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Rig and canopies need a personal and technical quotation before each sale.

We deliver everywhere : France , USA, Europe...

The VECTOR 3 M-Series rig include following Standard Features:

    • Harness manufactured within your measurements
    • Stainless Steel Hardware
    • Available in Cordura 1000
    • Magnetic risers covers
    • Deluxe Backpad
    • BOC Throw Out : Classic or Kill Line Pilot Chute with plastic handle
    • Reserve handlewith Spctra instead of metal cable (only with RSL and Skyhook option)
    • Cut-In Laterals
    • VECTOR3 and M-Series Logos Embroideries on yoke and right lateral face
    • Reserve handle with spectra instead of metal cable (only with RSL and Skyhook)
    • Cypres-2/Vigil ready
    • Skyhook Ready
    • TSO C23(b)

Options available with additional payment :

    • Back and laterals in Space foam 3D for a maximum comfort
    • Stainless steel Articulations on hips within 1 or 2 parts
    • Many color choices : Pinstripes on main flap or original Split Color patterns
    • Skyhook
    • RSL
    • Soft Reserve handle
    • Custom embroideries on laterals, flaps, handles, back, RRC, LRC
    • Carry handle on yoke
    • Hooknife
    • Louie loops on risers
    • Semi stowless bag
    • Black hardware
    • Wingsuit corners

The VECTOR 3 M-Series is available within a large choice of container sizes. It's designed to accept larger canopies than the VECTOR 3 Micron.

For over four decades, Bill Booth's companies have designed and manufactured 65,000 quality Harness/Container Systems to skydivers all over the world ! Bill Booth has made two major contributions to the world of skydiving. First he invented and patented the Hand Deploy Pilot Chute System, which soon changed the sport forever. The second invention, and perhaps Bill's greatest contribution to the sport, was the invention the 3-Ring Release System. The last innovations are the Skyhook system and magnetic risers covers. Watch this video !

The VECTOR 3 M-Series has been designed aimed towards the growing trend of smaller canopies, development of free-fly, the most technically advanced harness and container system in the world.

Contact-us by email at or at (+262) 692 84 34 02 for a personal quotation.

We deliver everywhere in France, USA, Europe !

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VECTOR 3 M-Series

VECTOR 3 M-Series

Individual Skydiving Sport Container

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