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ALTITRACK - Digital visual Altimeter and Freefall computer View full size

ALTITRACK - Digital visual Altimeter and Freefall computer

Altimeter with Computer

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320.00 €

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At first glance, the ALTITRACK™ looks like many of the more common analog altimeters used throughout the world... but look a little closer. ALTITRACK™ is the only sport altimeter with an analog face but utilizes the most high tech and durable digital components for accuracy that surpasses every other mechanical sport altimeter currently available.

L&B has also gone beyond the average by incorporating all of the popular features of the PRO-TRACK™ audible and added several new and useful features to the ALTITRACK™.

Imagine a visual altimeter that records your jump information from exit to landing, has the ability to download jump information to a computer, has an ergonomic fit, is both shock and water resistant, has upgradeable software... and most of all... is extremely easy to use... among its long list of features. You just found the answer you’ve been looking for... ALTITRACK™.

» First ever electronic altimeter with analog scale.
» First ever altimeter with ergonomic fit.
» First ever altimeter with 45 deg. offset scale for easy line of sight viewing when
   mounted on the hand/wrist.
» Choice in either feet or meters.
» Electroluminescent backlight for night jumping. Can remain on for several hours.
» Smooth, none erratic pointer movement... no guessing.
» Shock resistant AND water resistant.
» Automatic calibration to local elevation.
» Scratch proof lens made from high-impact etched glass.
» LCD for easy and intuitive operation and information review.
» Powerful electronic logbook loaded with advanced features for immediate
access at the rear side of altimeter.

» Storing up to 15 minutes' data of each jump with a total of 6.5 hours' recording
(e.g. 400 jumps with profiles), including jump details from exit to landing, date,
jump number, exit altitude, opening altitude, freefall time and speed statistics for
maximum and average speeds in TAS or SAS.
» Choice of readings in feet or meter, mph or kmh.
» Accumulates the total number of jumps up to 19,999 jumps.
» Compatible with the new Jump-Track 3.0 for download of jump data to a PC via
USB, Bluetooth or Rs232 connection (Jump-Track 3.0™ and PC interface sold separately)
» Firmware upgradeable (using Jump-Track 3.0™ and USB connection)
» Simulator for student altitude awareness training
» Replay of any jump stored in the logbook with true pointer movement and
readout of speeds, altitudes, etc.
» Long lasting 3.6 volt LS14250 lithium battery
» Easy and quick Velcro strap mounting
» Various silicone platforms for mounting on the hand, wrist, chest or leg-strap

Available in Meters (6000 meters) or feet (18000 feet) versions.
10 days shipping delay.

JumpTrack 3 for AltiTrack software and USB station in option.

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ALTITRACK - Digital visual Altimeter and Freefall computer

ALTITRACK - Digital visual Altimeter and Freefall computer

Altimeter with Computer

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