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CYPRES 2 - Tandem View full size

CYPRES 2 - Tandem


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Tested Reliability and Performance!

Resulting from the experiment of Airtec with Cypres 1, CYPRES 2 TANDEM guarantees effectiveness and reliability to you. What one waits precisely and without exception of its safety appliance ! 

The TANDEM CYPRES 2 can be recognized by the blue button with the imprint "Tandem" on the control unit.

It activates the release unit when it detects a rate of descent higher than 78 mph (35 m/sec) at an altitude of approx. 750 feet (approx. 225 meters) above ground level (AGL).
Like the Expert CYPRES, the Tandem CYPRES ceases operation below approx. 130 feet (approx. 40 meters) AGL. In the event of a cutaway, activation will not occur until sufficient speed is obtained.
Below approx. 130 feet (approx. 40 meters) AGL opening is no longer useful.
For this reason, CYPRES ceases operation below approximately 130 feet AGL.

Technical Data :
      Weight : approx. 182 grams
      Activation altitude : approx.1900 feet (580 m)
      Activation speed : approx. ³ 78 mph (35 m/s)
      Length, width, height of the processing unit : approx. 85 x 43 x 32 mm
      Length, width, height of the control unit : approx. 65 x 18 x 6,5 mm
      Length, diameter of the release unit : approx. 43 x 8 mm

      Altitude adjustment limits: ±1500 feet or ±500 m
      Operating range below / above sea level: -1500 feet to +26,000 feet (-500 m to +8000 m)
      Functioning period: 14 hours from switch-on


CYPRES2's lifetime is now 15 years 6 monts for units manufactured until 01/01/2017 !
Lifetime is 12 years 6 months for units manufactured before 01/01/2017.

Maintenance is recommended every 5 years for units manufactured after 01/01/2017. 
It's recommended every 4 years for units manufactured before 01/01/2017.

Maintenance included :

•Battery's change

•Tests in hot and cold chamber

•Verification of all elements - change if necessary

•New software downloaded 

AIRTEC gives a 60 € discount if you give back your old CYPRES with valid cutter. Contact us for more informations.

Available Models1 or 2 pins 

Water resistant: up to 15 minutes at depth of 15 feet

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CYPRES 2 - Tandem

CYPRES 2 - Tandem


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