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Main Canopy VELOCITY View full size

Main Canopy VELOCITY


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The VELOCITY is a main canopy from PERFORMANCE DESIGNS.

Performance Designs VELOCITY has set the standard for crossbraced canopy performance.
This canopy is designed specifically to satisfy pilots who have already been jumping high performance elliptical canopies at high wing loadings, and are looking for something more.
Its rigid crossbraced structure and extremely responsive controls provide a feeling of direct “connection” to your body.
Incredibly clean aerodynamics give this powerful wing the largest flight speed range available, and amazing performance opportunities in the right hands.
From opening to landing this is a very capable but very demanding canopy.
The VELOCITY continues to allow highly experienced pilots to explore a range of ram air flight never before possible.



  • 7 cells
  • Fabric in Zero-Porosity
  • Available sizes : 75, 79, 83, 89, 97, 107, 120 square feet

Advised for very experienced skydivers who wants high performance canopy.

Available in stock (2 or 3 weeks) or order custom colors (current deadline 13 weeks).

Price depends on the change in the dollar exchange.
Please contact us on or by phone at +262 692 84 34 02 for a quotation.

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Main Canopy VELOCITY

Main Canopy VELOCITY


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