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Main Canopy ZERO View full size

Main Canopy ZERO


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The ZERO is a main canopy for Accuracy from PERFORMANCE DESIGNS.

The realm of parachute accuracy is one of the oldest and largest skydiving disciplines in the world. Most of the jumpers in this part of our sport are still jumping designs that were created more than 30 years ago, none of which are Performance Designs products.

About three years ago PD began pursuing a new challenge; the traditional accuracy canopy with its very different aerodynamics. We forged into what would be, for us, previously uncharted territory with the assistance of national champion Jimmy Hayhurst, a well known coach and accuracy canopy expert. We also enlisted the assistance of Cheryl Stearns, a world renowned competitor and multiple world champion.

After many different prototypes, numerous test jumps, and countless design improvements we are delighted to introduce the ZERO, an innovative and highly capable canopy for the traditional accuracy competitor. The ZERO is designed primarily for precision accuracy competition and also accuracy type demonstration jumps.


  • 7 cells
  • Risers and hard toggles included
  • Many cutom options already available
  • Available sizes : 205 - 215 - 225 - 235 -245 - 255 -265 - 275 - 285 - 295 -305 square feet


Available in stock (2 or 3 weeks) or order custom colors (current deadline 13 weeks).

Price depends on the change in the dollar exchange.
Please contact us on or by phone at +262 692 84 34 02 for a quotation.

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Main Canopy ZERO

Main Canopy ZERO


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