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Main Canopy STORM View full size

Main Canopy STORM


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The STORM is a main canopy from Performance Designs.

Thunder, Lightning, Wind and Rain… oh, the canopy.
With great openings and a powerful flare at landing, this truly is the seven cell that thinks it’s a nine cell.
In some respects similar to the Spectre, the Storm has a shorter snivel, a steeper and faster glide, wider speed range and more dynamic flare.

Looking for a reliable canopy that will keep you challenged ?
Have you been searching for the perfect wingsuit canopy?
Considering some occasional CF, but not ready to buy a second canopy?

Well here you go. We would have called it the “Perfect Storm” but that was already taken...


  • 7 cells
  • Top skin and Under Skin in Zero-Porosity
  • Soft and centered opening, not very sensitive to the quality of the packing and the body position during opening
  • Half speed canopy between the Spectre and the Sabre2 in the PD range
  • Available in 2 versions : "Storm" and "CF Storm"
  • Available sizes : 97, 107, 120, 135, 150, 170, 190, 210, 230 square feet

Advised for:

  • Wingsuit Jumps
  • Demonstration jumps and landing out of the Drop Zone
  • Videoman wanting to preserve his neck
  • Skydivers who look at the perfect deal between good openings and nice flares
  • Peace of spirit whatever the place you have to land and the type of jumps done…!

"CF Version" for canopy formation use includes the followings options :

  • Dacron lines. Continuous A1 and A4 in red colour
  • Mesh slider
  • Reinforced stabilizers
  • 4 ring PCA attachment points
  • Retractable bridle
  • Target panels on 1, 4 and 7 cells top surface
  • Tail pocket
  • n°5 links

Available in stock (2 or 3 weeks) or order custom colors (current deadline 13 weeks).

Price depends on the change in the dollar exchange.
Please contact us on or by phone at +262 692 84 34 02 for a quotation.

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Main Canopy STORM

Main Canopy STORM


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