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Individual Skydiving Sport Container

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Rig and canopies need a personal and technical quotation before each sale.

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The VOODOO CURV is the last creation of RIGGING INNOVATIONS.


The VOODOO CURV design allows a smooth airflow over the back of the rig and jumper in any freefall attitude.

The  VOODOO CURV incorporates the Bio Curv backpad where the profile of the backpad, instead of being straight, is curved inward at the midpoint and follows the natural curve of the back. This allows the containers to hug the back intimately and eliminate the gap between the back and the rig. 
This then allows for an increase of approximately 10% in the available volume for each main container size with no increase in width or length.


A totally new concept is the “Bio-Yoke” configuration (Patent Pending). This design concept incorporates a secondary shoulder yoke that holds the containers higher on the back and relieves the pressure of the regular shoulder yoke with its associated webbing and hardware. The Bio-Yoke spreads the load evenly across the back and shoulders.


The fit of the Voodoo Curv is more akin to wearing a vest or backpack than putting on an older style rig. 
With the distribution of the weight across the entire back, the perceived weight of the system is less than the actual weight.


The inside of the yoke and leg pads are built with an inside seam resulting in greater comfort.

The main container side flaps incorporate specially designed end tabs that result in a lower profile of the main container.


  • Mult-Flex Harness
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Space Foam Backpad
  • V-Flex Leg Strap Configuration
  • In-set Horizontal Back Strap
  • Anti-Twist Risers
  • ZP Main Pilot Chute
  • Kill-Line Bridle
  • Hackey Handle
  • Velcroless Toggles
  • Custom RC Embroidery


The VOODOO CURV is available in customized versions ( 12 to 14 weeks delivery).

Contact-us by email at or at (+262) 692843 402  for a personal quotation.

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Individual Skydiving Sport Container

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