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Full face helmet G4- COOKIE View full size

Full face helmet G4- COOKIE

XP S 72-600 Standard

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Designed to maximize your senses, the G4 full-face helmet offers maximum comfort and protection with a wide field of view.

The G4 helmet is certified according the  AFNOR XP S 72-600 standard, to a Skydiving and Wind Tunnel activity.

The G4 is certified to the standard AFNOR XP S 72-600
Best internal design for better fit
Easier internal placement of the audibles
More protection on the back of the skull
More protection around the temples because the visor mechanism is also thinner
The visor closure mechanism works similarly but is designed to be maintenance-free
Much quieter because it better surrounds all parts of the head and the outer shape is sleek and smooth
No inner foam adhesive: foams can be changed by the user
More efficient ventilation system due to the design of ventilation access
Ventilation control can be adjusted by the user
The same visor fits all sizes of G4 helmets
Same wide field of view

SIZES: XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL
(see correspondence table in the pictures)

  • XS (53-54 cm or 20.5-21.25 in)
  • Small (55-56 cm or 21.5-22 in)
  • Medium (56-57 cm or 22-22.5 in)
  • Large (57-58 cm or 22.5-23.75 in)
  • XL (59-60 cm or 23.25-23.5 in)
  • 2XL (61-62 cm or 24-24.5 in)

CAUTION: The G4 headset has a size chart more similar to what is usually practiced and smaller size than the G3 model.
The inner foams being changeable, it is possible to order a set of foam separately in case of discomfort or renewal.
In the table above (see pictures), lines of the same color correspond to a similar shell size - only the inner foam changes.The liners can be swapped within the same shell size. The Small shell size is used for the XS & Small liners, the Medium shell size is used for the Medium and Large liners and the Large shell size is used for the XL and 2XL liners.

Comes standard with a clear visor.
Available in spare parts the visor in smoke (tinted) or Mirror (mirrored).
The visor is anti-fog treated on its inside and anti-scratch on its external face.
The G4 visor is tested for its optical qualities and has a CE label.
Very easy to remove, undo the 2 side plates screws on both side. Remove this plates and slide the visor forward.
The tinted and mirror visors are Category 2 certified according to ISO 123 12-1: 2013.
One size of visor for all G4 helmets.

Available only in matte finish.
Colors available from stock : Black - White
Colors availble on order :  Red - Royal Blue - Khaki Green - Lemon Green - Dark Blue - Dark Gray
 - Yellow - Purple - Pink - Electric Blue - Orange

Available in spare parts:

  • the side plates with 3 patterns to choose (G4 - Camo - Loop) or custom pattern (on estimate)
  • the visor : clear - tinted - mirrorred
  • inner foams
  • the flight bag to carry 1 helmet + 1 suit + accessories + water bottle + personal items

The internal EPP foam has been styled to create channels within the helmet to provide ventilation. The top padding also has breathable material to allow the hot air to be drawn into these channels.
The chin bar actuators can control the airflow to your mouth area as well as direct to the inner surface of the visor.
Two rear ventilation ports allow the evacuation of this hot air from within the helmet. 

The G4 Helmet is certified to a Skydiving and Wind Tunnel Helmet Standard. To achieve this standard, helmets must pass Impact and Snag Resistance testing. While the G3 Roller mount, FlySight Mount and other mounting options are a good fit against the top surface of the G4, it was not tested according to the XP S 72-600 Standard. Cookie believes that having any extra mount fitted to the G4 helmet would forgo the Snag Test in this standard. It is up to the user to decide whether to add an external mount to the G4 helmet knowing that by doing so, it could affect the way the helmet performs when tested to the XP S 72-600 Standard. Since Cookie knows many users will assume the risk of adding mounts onto the G4, they have included a trap-door cutout in the EPP foam for the user to gain access to the top of the shell to make it easier to add external mounts.

The XPS 72-600 is a Skydiving and Windtunnel Helmet standard used for the G4. The impact testing is the same as the EN966 standard for drop height and conditioning prior to impact (5.47 m/s at roughly 1.6 meters). The impact must be less that 250G.
The XPS standard also requires a SNAG test, while the EN966 does not. The XPS requires the chinstrap to be on the exterior of the shell so that a line cannot pass up the inside of the helmet, while the EN966 does not. The EN966 is a Hanggliding helmet standard and also has a penetration test, while the XPS does not require a penetration test. However, Cookie has tested the G4 helmet for penetration according to EN966 and it passes with "great results," says Cookie.

The EPP used in the G4 is a multi-impact foam. The shell is made of High Impact ABS. There is a synergy between the shell and EPP foam to work together to achieve the helmet standard and enable the creation of a helmet with such a small volume compared to other protective helmets. If you sustain a significant impact, Cookie suggests replacing your helmet.


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Full face helmet G4- COOKIE

Full face helmet G4- COOKIE

XP S 72-600 Standard

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