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Created in 2003 by Loïc JEAN-ALBERT, Stéphane ZUNINO and Cathy PICHON, FLY YOUR BODY designs and markets skydiving and base-jumping equipment. 

Its own registered brand of Wingsuits  is S-FLY® and SNEKOR® for Base rig.
FLY YOUR BODY is the oldest wingsuit manufacturer in the World !

FLY YOUR BODY is also a dealer for the most well-known brands of skydiving equipment (rigs, canopies, helmets, audibles, altimeters, security devices, suits etc…)

We retail through :

  • our physical shop in Tallard (05 – France – Main DZ in France, Second in Europe)
  • our presence during major skydiving events (Boogies, festivals…)
  • our presence on drop zones in France and others countries for wingsuit coaching

In 1996, Loïc spends time with Patrick DE GAYARDON (alias DEUG) in Tallard (France) while he works on his first wingsuit. They become friends.

Throughout his training with the French National RW8 team, during airplane rides and in his free time, Loïc thinks about a wingsuit with increased aerodynamic performance. He imagines a new concept of wingsuit. Whereas the wingsuits developed by DEUG have fabric parts added between the legs and the arms, Loïc designs a wing, with an areodynamic profile, controlled and piloted by the skydivers's body in it. The speed allows the air to inflate the wing and gives it an efficient  profile. The skydiver's entire body becomes the piloting tool and assists the shape of its profile.

Patrick DE GAYARDON died in 1998, but thanks to him many skydivers dream of wingsuit flight becomes a reality. Loïc decides to pursue and develop new wingsuit design with the help of Stéphane ZUNINO, looking for  more efficiency and safety during flight.

Many skydivers begin asking them to manufacture their specific model of wingsuits. They decide to manufacture it utilizing an italian company : the « Crossbow »  wingsuit appears on the skydiving market in 1999. But the co-operation between themselves and the manufactures is not symbiotic :many people ask for the Crossbow wingsuits, but only few are officialy produced...

Passionate and  motivated, Loïc and Zun continue to develope wingsuits with simplicity of flight and availability in mind. 

Loïc becomes famous in the Patrick PASSE's movie "Crosswind" with some close relief wingsuit flights next to the beautiful cliffs of Reunion Island (Indian Ocean).

In 2001, Loïc makes contact with the french company SALOMON. Specialized in ski and outdoor equipment, SALOMON study the potential development of aerial activities. A close collaboration starts and in 2002 the S-FLY wingsuit model becomes a reality and is registered at the INPI (International Intellectual Property Institute). 

Loïc and Stéphane start looking for manufacturing and retailing partners. But they don't succeed in finding someone to take care of it. They decide to manage this by themselves. They receive the help of Cathy PICHON (who will later become Cathy JEAN-ALBERT). They found their own trade mark : S-FLY.

fly your body is born in 2003 and offers the S-FLY EXPERT wingsuit to all skydivers.Fly Your Body helps to pursue the innovative work of Loïc and Stéphane.

fly your body co-produces the Soul Flyers team DVD with RTP. The first volume is edited in 2003, the second in 2005. This footage becomes world famous. The great imagination, technical control and innovative spirit of the Soul Flyers' leave a lasting impression in the minds of all who see the flights.

Loïc's flight in Verbier has impressed the world and open a new BASE wingsuit way.

In 2004, fly your body innovate the S-FLY ACCESS wingsuit : it's the first wingsuit model which allows wingsuit practise with a minimum of constraints and a high level of safety. Many skydivers are able to fly with it and discover the wingsuit flight sensations. Thanks to its concept, it's possible to fly a wingsuit when you have only a 150 jumps as a skydiver !


Loïc's flight still make the wingsuit flight go further. In 2007, he realizes some extra jumps :

In 2007, fly your body release a high performance new model called S-FLY PROFLY.  The increased surface area improves glide ratio and distances covered with a wingsuit during free-fall.

At the same time, fly your body developes and launches its Base-rig : the SNEKOR. Registred at the INPI (International Intellectual Property Institute), this rig offers new concepts which increase safety, especially for wingsuit base-jumps.


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